Junior Professorship on Climate Attribution

University of Leipzig, Germany
Closing date: 30 April 2021

The junior professor will contribute to teaching at master’s level in the new Earth System Data Sciences and Remote Sensing curriculum as well as to teaching Meteorology courses at bachelor’s and master’s level. The successful applicant will be involved in building research excellence in the field of climate attribution, focusing on event attribution. This requires the application of climate models, the development of attribution methods, and the evaluation of models using observational data, in particular from remote sensing ideally using artificial intelligence (AI) approaches. Furthermore, the interpretation of attribution results in the interdisciplinary context is expected, including considerations for climate regulations in collaboration with socio-economists, and/or including climate impacts such as on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity dynamics.

Experience with detection and attribution, in particular event attribution, climate modelling and/or model evaluation using observational data (mainly remote sensing) and AI methods is required. Ideally, the candidate has worked in an interdisciplinary context, with some focus on climate impacts and/or socio-economic effects.

The tenure track professorship is considered a position for early career researchers. Therefore, the call is addressed to applicants with a completed doctoral degree, attributed with magna cum laude or higher, who seek further qualification and have not yet completed a habilitation. If applicants were employed as research associates or research assistants prior to or during the completion of their doctoral studies, the total period of employment and work on the doctoral thesis should not exceed six years (exceptions for child care times apply). Applicants should have changed universities after completing their doctorate or have been academically active outside Leipzig University for at least two years. They should have completed their doctorate no more than four years ago.


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