ECMWF: Support Engineer – User Services

ECMWF, Shinfield Park, UK
Closing date: 15 October 2020

The User Services section comprises of twenty staff distributed between three teams that provide data (Data Support Team), computing and software support (Computing and Software Support Team) as well as training and outreach activities (User Outreach and Engagement Team). The section focuses on providing an integrated approach to support, learning provision and user engagement. The Support engineer role is in the Computing and Software Support team.

The primary role of this position is to provide users to make the most of ECMWF’s cloud-based facilities. User Services is a vibrant section at the heart of organisation with a strong user focus. With a growing user community and changes in technologies, there are more demands on the section to keep abreast of the latest innovative technologies. Open data and cloud services ( have brought an increased number of data users and diverse applications resulting in the need for highly efficient and effective support processes. The support paradigm for cloud services relies on increased attention to software quality control, definition of best practices for applications, software and tools, cloud onboarding for users, troubleshooting across applications and performance assessment of the services. The increased number of queries following the availability of open data, has called for an effective user self-service system which is now in development and will provide support for users who want to find their own solutions.

Moreover, ECMWF operates as a multi-site organisation and as such requires coherent and coordinated support across sites.

The Computing and Software Support team is responsible for the 2nd-line support of ECMWF computing services (including cloud services) and software. This role is crucial to ensuring customer requirements are met in terms of communication, prioritising, escalating and resolving incidents and requests. A rota system is in place to handle user queries during office hours. The support is provided in a timely manner to internal and external users. Support queries are dealt using a well-established help desk tool which facilitate their resolution or escalation to level three support, where appropriate.

Main duties and key responsibilities

  • Providing technical advice and support on the use of ECMWF cloud services, computing facilities and archiving services
  • Installing and maintaining program libraries and other software packages
  • Participating in the design and maintenance of a consistent environment and toolset for users of cloud services together with other participating members
  • Providing training to users on computing/software when required
  • Reviewing, improving and developing processes and workflows to effectively support users
  • Contributing to the creation of documentation to support a self-serve service for users
  • Working in close collaboration with other teams in the section and in other departments playing the key user advocacy role

Other information
The successful candidate will be recruited at the A2 grade, according to the scales of the Co-ordinated Organisations and the annual salary will be £60,590.64 net of tax. The Centre also offers a generous benefits package. This position is assigned to the employment category STF-C as defined in the Staff Regulations.
Full details of salary scales and allowances are available on the ECMWF website at, including the Centre’s Staff Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Starting date: As soon as possible
Length of contract: Four years, with the possibility of a further contract.


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