ECMWF – Director of Copernicus Services

ECMWF, Reading, UK
Closing date: 1 May 2019

Summary of the role
The Director of Copernicus Services is responsible for managing the delivery of ECMWF’s existing Copernicus services in accordance with the EC/ECMWF Delegation Agreement and strategy that has been agreed with the European Commission until 2021. The successful candidate will develop plans for the evolution of the existing services, as well as concepts for new services such as the anthropogenic CO2 emissions monitoring service. They will also lead the negotiations with the EC of the next delegation agreement under the EC 2021-2027 Multiyear Financial Framework.

The Director of Copernicus Services will represent ECMWF at the European Commission for Copernicus related purposes and will maintain excellent stakeholder relationships with Council Member States, national governmental agencies and other stakeholders with an interest in the work of Copernicus. The successful candidate will also work collaboratively with the Director-General and other Directors at ECMWF to maintain seamless integration with the core activities of ECMWF, This role will be a prominent figurehead in the community who will advocate and demonstrate the benefits of the Copernicus services to Society.

Main duties and key responsibilities
The primary function of this role is to deliver the Copernicus Services in line with the delegation agreement and strategy that has been agreed with the European Commission until 2021 and to lead the negotiation and implementation of the next delegation agreement.
This will involve:

  • delivering the Copernicus Services at ECMWF in accordance with EC Delegation Agreement and the strategy and policies of ECMWF;
  • leading and managing the Copernicus activities at ECMWF in a timely and cost-effective way, operating currently with an annual budget of app. €50m and a significant in-house team, identifying growth opportunities and leveraging the integration and synergies with the Centre’s core activities;
  • managing a network of external service providers across Europe for the overall delivery of the services, including their selection via competitive tendering, contracting, follow-up of the contract implementation and supplier management;
  • delivering highest levels of user satisfaction of the Copernicus Services, increasing user uptake and new audiences. Copernicus Services users come from both the public and the private
    sectors, and from different communities, such as research, academia, policy makers, down-stream service providers, businesses and the public in general;
  • representing ECMWF at the European Commission and external stakeholders for Copernicus related purposes and institutional relationships, and consolidating the Centre’s position as trusted partner for the European Union;
  • managing effectively the institutional relationships with all Copernicus stakeholders, such as EC DGs, European Council and Parliament, International bodies (WMO, EEA, GEO, UN agencies, etc.), International partner agencies, EC member states and national environmental agencies, NMHS, policy makers at European, national and regional level etc.;
  • relying on the technical and content expertise and support from the Directors of CAMS and C3S Services and leaders of CEMS activities at ECMWF, developing the long-term strategy for the evolution of the Copernicus Services in ECMWF, contributing to its continued development and the advancement of its goals and objectives;
  • leading the high-level negotiations and successful completion of the required delegation agreements for the implementation of the Copernicus programme beyond 2021;
  • working collaboratively with the Director-General and other Directors at ECMWF to maintain seamless integration with the core activities of ECMWF, reinforcing links between Copernicus Services and the rest of ECMWF to deliver expected and newly identified synergies whilst respecting the primacy of ECMWF’s core mission;
  • contributing to the development of ECMWF long term strategies and plans, implementing annual work plans in her/his areas of responsibility;
  • playing a major ambassadorial role with ECMWF Member States and Council in demonstrating the contribution of Copernicus services to the benefits delivered by ECMWF to its Member States and Co-operating States.

This role will involve frequent travel within Europe, particularly to Brussels.

Grade remuneration
The successful candidate will be recruited at the A6 grade, according to the scales of the Co-ordinated Organisations and the annual basic salary will be £116,231.40 net of tax. This position is assigned to the employment category STF-PL as defined in the Staff Regulations.

Full details of salary scales and allowances are available on the ECMWF website at, including the Centre’s Staff Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Starting date: 1 September 2019
Length of contract: Five years. However, the continuation of the contract beyond December 2021 will be subject to the signing of the next Copernicus delegation agreement with the EC and the availability of associated funding.


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