6 Postdoc Positions – Advancing the Frontiers of Earth System Prediction (AFESP)

University of Reading, UK
Closing date: 26 February 2024

The University of Reading seeks six outstanding Postdoctoral Research Scientists to join the Advancing the Frontiers of Earth System Prediction (AFESP) research programme.

This is an exciting opportunity to join the unique AFESP research programme, following the recent award of six five-year research grants led by University of Reading Principal Investigators, and joined by co-investigators from ECMWF, the UK Met Office and NCAS.

These grants will deliver research priorities aligned to the AFESP strategic science plan. AFESP is a new 15-year, £30million research programme at the University of Reading, in partnership with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), the UK Met Office and the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science. It will deliver sustained investments to tackle some of the key far-term (10–15 year) and difficult (high-risk, high-reward) research challenges in global Earth System prediction. By enhancing our capabilities in global data assimilation, simulation, and analysis, the research programme will deliver a new class of accurate, reliable and usable forecasts, aiming to re-define the medium-range predictability limit from two to at least four weeks, enabling a wide range of new scientific and societal applications.