2 postdoc positions on compound climate extremes

Uppsala University, Sweden
Closing date: 29 September 2022

The preferred start date is early 2023, but there is considerable flexibility for earlier or later dates, and the positions are for 24 months.

Further details and application form here:

Applications via email will not be accepted.

The positions
The post-docs will work within the frame of the ERC grant: “Compound Climate Extremes in North America and Europe: from Dynamics to Predictability”. The aim of the work is to identify compound extremes hotspots in Europe and North America. One position will focus on advancing our understanding of the dynamical processes in the atmosphere and large-scale circulation dynamics driving the compound extremes. The other will focus on investigating the compound extremes’ predictability. There is considerable freedom to focus on different approaches, from indicators issued from dynamical systems theory to data-driven or idealized modelling tools. The post-docs, if they so wish, will also have the opportunity to engage in teaching/supervising duties.

The research group
Gabriele Messori coordinates a lively research group based at the Dept. of Earth Sciences in Uppsala, which focuses on the dynamics of extreme climate events in the mid and high latitudes and their interactions with other components of the Earth System. There are currently two nationally funded research projects, an ERC project and a large H2020 consortium. More information on the ongoing research can be found at https://gmessori.eu/.

The department
Uppsala University is a comprehensive, research-intensive university with a strong international standing. The Department of Earth Sciences (https://www.geo.uu.se/) is one of the most complete such academic departments in Europe. The research focuses on subjects that range from the Earth’s core to the atmosphere, on scales from submicroscopic structures in minerals to the formation of mountains and oceans. Teaching is at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Do not hesitate to contact Gabriele Messori (gabriele.messori@geo.uu.se) should you have any questions. Deadline for applications is 29 September 2022.