New IABM President Jay Trobec

Jay Trobec, elected IABM Chairman in September 2018

The International Association of Broadcast Meteorology (IABM) represents hundreds of weather presenters in dozens of countries. We work for television stations, national meteorological services, and even private sector weather companies. While we have different responsibilities, we all work with the same purpose: to effectively communicate reliable weather information to the public.

While the level of meteorological knowledge varies from broadcaster to broadcaster, we increasingly tend to have a professional meteorological background. The IABM is dedicated to training and professional development, helping our members to learn from the experiences and expertise of our colleagues in other countries.

In these days of “fake weather” – amateur and untrained people passing themselves off as weather experts on the internet – the broadcast meteorologist stands as a powerful communicator of weather information the public can trust. We know the local audience and know how to reach them in a language they understand. This is especially important during times of significant weather, when people’s lives are impacted on a profound and sometimes life-changing way. We are there, looking our audience in the eye through the camera lens, presenting them, person to person, with the best meteorological advice available.

The IABM produces a fine magazine called, “Up Front”, edited by John Teather. It contains interesting articles about not only broadcast weather, but weather in general, with contributions from our members and others from all over the world. A subscription to the magazine is free, and one can subscribe by simply leaving an email address in the form on our home page at Please have a read. I think you’ll be impressed by how much broadcasters add to the international weather enterprise.

By Jay Trobec, IABM President


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