Società Meteorologica Italiana


Established: 1865 – re-established: 2000
Number of members: 400
President: Luca Mercalli


The Italian Meteorological Society (SMI – Società Meteorologica Italiana Onlus) is a non-profit association, joining  professionals, scientists, users and amateurs of meteorology and atmospheric sciences. It is the widest Italian association in this sector. SMI promotes and encourages the development and the knowledge of atmospheric sciences in Italy. SMI is member of UniMet (Unione Meteorologia Italiana).

The mission

The main goal for SMI is to promote the study of Italian meteorology, and to spread knowledge of meteorology and atmospheric sciences among the people. The main activities of SMI are devoted to re-create an aggregation and a reference point, able to join again the Italian meteorology, which today lives a period of confusing fragmentation.
The SMI logo represents mountains, waves of the Mediterranean Sea and wind around the mountain area, as a symbol for athmospheric elements.

The main activities of the Society are:

  • communication of meteorology to the general public,
  • lectures on meteorology and climatology in schools,
  • articles in newspapers and magazines,
  • appearance in radio and TV programmes,
  • publishing activities: the Nimbus Journal.

Recent news and activities:

Contact information:

Società Meteorologica Italiana Onlus
Castello Borello
10053 Bussoleno (TO)