Sindikata Meteorologjike Aeronautike e Kosovës – SMAK


Established: 2019
President: Trimron Pajaziti
Number of members: 19

Purpose and objectives

The Sindikata Meteorologjike Aeronautike e Kosovës – SMAK (or Union of Aviation Meteorologists of Kosovo – UAMK) was founded in 2019. It consists of total 16 members, from which, 9 weather forecasters and 7 weather observers that work in the Department of Meteorology of Kosovo Air Navigation Services Agency. UAMK provides specialized briefings as well as tailored forecasts for Air Navigation Services and other users of the airspace of Kosovo such as Kosovo Forces (KFOR) for a safe and expeditious flow of air traffic.
UAMK maintains an extensive surface, radar weather observing program; and a nationwide aviation weather forecasting service.

Main activities:

UMAK’s aims are as following:

  • Promoting Aeronautical Meteorology of Kosovo on national as well as on international level
  • The request of improvement of staff working conditions.
  • Suggestion and proposal of measures on developing and advancing aeronautical meteorology and increasing the air traffic safety.
  • Following the contemporary developments of aeronautical meteorology
  • Commitment to create a statute care system and the position of aeronautical meteorology as a specific staff.
  • To be engaged actively in advancing and increasing the safety and efficacy of air traffic.
  • To be engaged in achieving and maintain high standards of knowledge and professionalism, in increasing the ethic and professional efficacy of operational staff of aeronautical meteorology.
  • To be engaged in recognizing the statute and adequate title of aeronautical meteorologists of Agency of Air Navigation Services and to improve the working conditions of its member.
  • To protect the interests of the profession of aeronautical meteorology of ANSA.
  • To protect material and judicial interests of members, including the representation in courts disputes and to help the members in solving professional and other problems.

Contact Information

SMAK – Sindikata Meteorologjike Aeronautike e Kosovës
Kosovo Air Navigation Services Agency
Vrellë, Lypjan, 10070
e-mail: meteo.smak[at]

1 All references to Kosovo in this document should be understood to be in the context of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999)