Polskie Towarzystwo Geofizyczne

– Meteorological Section


Established: 1947
Number of members: 50 (Meteorological Section)
President Meteorological Section: Joanna Wibig

Purpose & objectives:

The Polish Geophysical Society was established on 25th October 1947. It was founded as an institution to promote the advancement of geophysical sciences mainly  meteorology, climatology, hydrology and physics of the Earth. The Society has its own journal, published four times per year – The Geophysical Review, where scientific papers are published, but also reviews of geophysical book, reports from conferences and texts about history of Polish geophysical sciences. Society’s aim is also the support of field research and expeditions, lectures and conferences. It also devotes much attention to education and popularising science.

Contact information:

Joanna Wibig
Dept. of Meteorology and Climatology
University of Łódź
ul. Narutowicza 88
09-139 Łódź
tel.+42-6655 954, fax.+42-6655 951
e-mail: zamateo@uni.lodz.pl