OSMER – Osservatorio Meteorologico regionale dell’ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia


Established: 2000

(in 1989 a previous meteorological centre was founded, which in 2000 has been transformed into OSMER)
Number of staff: 20
Director: Stefano Micheletti

Profile of the organisation

The Regional Meteorological Observatory (OSMER) is a branch of ARPA FVG, the Agency for Environmental Protection of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia (North-Est Italy), and thus it’s an operative branch of the regional Administration.

It’s activities are observing, understanding and forecasting weather phenomena, diffusing the resulting products (bullettins, warnings, datas) to all the productive sectors and to the population.
More into detail, OSMER manages several kinds of meteorological data coming from AWS networks both local and from surrounding regions, from weather radars, satellite, radiosoundings and lighting detection systems. Data are used for realtime monitoring and for climatology. It also manages a net of hailpads, expanded also to the Slovenian area near the border.

OSMER’s forecasters produce daily weather bulletins at regional and subregional scales. Information is then broadcasted via internet, radio, tv and local newspapers. Meteorological assistence is granted to regional cultural and sport events.
Moreover, OSMER’s specialists are widely appreciated as lecturers for schools and clubs.

Contact information:

v. Oberdan, 18
33040 VISCO (UD) – ITALY
Tel: +39 0432 934111
Fax: +39 0432 934111
e-mail : info@meteo.fvg.it