Forskerforbundets meteorologiforening


Established: 1962
Number of members: 177
President: Terje Alsvik Walløe

Purpose & objectives:

The Norwegian Meteorological Society (”Norsk Meteorologiforening” or NMF) was founded in 1962 as a trade union society after a break-out from the trade union of Meteorological Civil Servants (”Meteorologisk Tjenestemannslag”). From 2000 on, NMF is a member of the Norwegian Association of Researchers (”Forskerforbundet”). As such, NMF continued as a small labour political society within the Norwegian Association of Researchers. NMF is open for all members of the Norwegian Association of Researchers who have an association with meteorology.

Main activities:

  • Provision of travel support for conferences
  • Participation in EMS meetings and conferences

Contact information:

Meteorologisk institutt
P.O. Box 43, Blindern
0313 Oslo
e-mail: forskerforbundet @ met . no

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