Meteorological Service of Catalonia


Established: 1921
Number of staff: 85
Director: Mr Eliseu Vilaclara


The Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) was first established in 1921 and was active until 1939, when it was abolished due to the consequences of the Spanish Civil War. During this period, the MSC took part in several conferences of the International Meteorological Organization and was an active contributor to the International Cloud Atlas and to the 2nd International Polar Year (1932-1933).

In 1996 the former SMC was re-establishd as entity under the Department of the Environment, and in 2001 – as a result of the Meteorological Law of the Catalan Parliament – finally as body with legal status. At present, the SMC is organised into several areas: Forecasting, Climatology, Observation Systems, Modelling and Applied Research, Information and Communication Technologies and Administration.

The main objectives of the SMC:

  • Assist governments and institutions that need meteorological and climatic information and collaboration.
  • Program, implement and manage a system for predicting and monitoring weather phenomena, exploit the predictions and dissemination the information in Catalonia.
  • Predict, monitor and track meteorological risk situations, in coordination with the Emergency Centre of Catalonia (CECAT).
  • Manage and maintain the network of meteorological equipment of the Government of Catalonia.
  • Maintain the climate database of Catalonia.
  • Promote studies to improve understanding of climate and weather in Catalonia.
  • Study and analyse climate change in Catalonia and participate and collaborate in the research conducted on this subject by universities and other research groups.

Contact information:

Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya
Carrer del Dr. Roux, 80, 1a Planta
Distrito de Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
08017 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 567 60 90
Fax +34 93 567 61 02