Institut für Wetter- und Klimakommunikation GmbH


Established: 1999
Chief Executives: Frank Böttcher, Alexander Hübener

The Institute of Weather and Climate Communication (IWK) is a private weather news agency, founded in 1999.
The agency operates the Internet platforms and IWK is also the publisher of the iOS-app METEOplus and provides weather forecasts for daily newspapers, websites, TV- and radiostations.The IWK has its own Full HD TV studio with a direct connection for live broadcasts.

Since 2005, IWK is also the organiser of SevereWeatherCongress. The programme offers lectures and workshops for experts, the general public and schools. The Institute is also initiator of the “Climate Ambassadors – Klimabotschafter e.V.”, as part of this activity IWK set up weather stations at schools and educational institutions.

Contact information:

Institut für Wetter- und Klimakommunikation GmbH
Jenfelder Allee 80
D-22045 Hamburg

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