Innovative Solutions for Instrumentation and Science – [IS]²


Established: 17 January 2013
Number of staff: 1
Manager: Jean-Yves Lojou


[IS]² has been created to provide the Scientific Community with the state of the art instruments and analyzing tools, especially in the field of Meteorology. [IS]² is actually not intended to produce meteorological devices in series, but aims to contribute to the development of such instruments. The goal of [IS]² is to work upstream in the development of new instruments, as well as the validation or improvement of already existing ones, by carrying out field experiments, validation studies, data analysis campaigns and much more… [IS]² is a very versatile and reactive structure allowing Meteorological companies to safely outsource part of their R&D.

Contact information:

Innovative Solutions for Instrumentation and Science
169, Rue Paradis
13006 Marseille
phone: + 33 4 91 74 30 73
fax : +33 9 72 45 82 19