Geofysiikan Seura r.y.


Established: 1926
Number of members: 11 (Meteorological Section)
President Meteorological Section: Irene Suomi

Purpose & objectives:

The Geophysical Society of Finland advances geophysical research and serves as a link between those involved in it. Geophysics focuses on the solid earth, water, atmosphere and near space.

Main activities:

The Society arranges public lectures on different geophysical topics and publishes the journal Geophysica. Every second year it arranges a meeting titled Geophysics Days.

The next (XXIX) Geophysics Days will take place at the Arktikum in Rovaniemi in March 2019.

Recent news and activities:

Contact information:

c/o Department of Physics
P.O. Box 64
00014 University of Helsinki
Secretary: Toni Veikkolainen

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