January Tweet of the Month

Our Tweet of the Month for January 2019 is from an EMS Member Society, The Royal Meteorological Society of the UK.  The tweet links to their “Snow in Europe 2019” article https://www.theweatherclub.org.uk/index.php/node/541.

“Parts of Europe have been experiencing the worst snowfall in decades. There has been record-breaking snowfall in January in some parts of the Alps and hazardous conditions have led to dozens of fatalities across the continent.”

Figure 1 https://twitter.com/RMetS/status/1086186584817455104

Figure 1 https://twitter.com/RMetS/status/1086186584817455104

We would like to engage with more Member Societies and Associate Members through Twitter. We have started to follow the accounts of some Societies but we may have missed some. If you are the Twitter administrator for a Member or Associate Member of EMS, please consider following us at https://twitter.com/europeanmetsoc.

To ensure we see a tweet of interest for the next Tweet of the Month, please add the hashtag #emstweetofthemonth.


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