Introducing the new Journal of the EMS

The European Meteorological Society is excited to announce the launch of the new Journal of the EMS: JEMS!

The Journal of the European Meteorological Society (JEMS) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access online journal, publishing international research and review articles of general interest and relevance about weather, climate and related fields. It will also serve as a forum for high-level news by the European Meteorological Society (EMS) and editorials. The journal is published by Elsevier B.V.

JEMS addresses i) research on weather, climate and related science fields; ii) achievements in operational meteorological and climate services, and iii) developments from the relevant private sectors. The journal aims to publish research papers, overview papers, as well as papers on European and global international activities in the fields of weather and climate, including atmospheric composition and hydro-meteorology.

The EMS President, Liz Bentley, stressed that “the European Meteorological Society (EMS) has long been waiting for its own high-profile journal to adequately publish papers addressing meteorological and related aspects especially from the European entities working in meteorology and related areas. And we are very delighted that the goal is now being realized with a renowned publisher.

Editorial Board

The EMS is proud to have established a high-profile Editorial Board with highly respected scientists from across our field. The two Editors-in-Chief, Gert-Jan Steeneveld, Wageningen University, and Johannes Schmetz, former Chief Scientist of EUMETSAT, are coordinating the work of the Editorial Board.

Editor-in-Chief Gert-Jan Steeneveld said “Launching the Journal of the European Meteorology opens a great opportunity to bring forward leading atmospheric science, developments in meteorological operations and new services to society. It is great I can contribute to this step, and hope JEMS will inspire the young generations.

The scope

The goal is to establish JEMS as the default publication forum for general high-profile information describing achievements and collaborative projects from the European meteorological infrastructure. Of course, we also hope that JEMS will achieve a status as a well-regarded publication platform for pertinent world-wide activities.


JEMS is an open access journal, meaning all published articles will be immediately and permanently free for everyone, everywhere to download and read.  It is a peer-reviewed journal. using a 2-step review process: Article proposals should be proposed to the Editors-in-Chief via a short abstract outlining the purpose of the paper. Upon acceptance of the proposal authors are invited to submit the full manuscript which will be sent out to peer reviewing. Details on submission are available at the publisher’s guide for authors

We invite the community to consider submission of papers for publication in JEMS.

We are planning two special issues this year:

  • 25-year anniversary of the EMS
  • Special issue to honour the late Prof. Dr. Ehrhard Raschke

About the road to JEMS

The move to finally embark on the endeavour of a journal of the EMS sprang from discussions about a new strategic plan for the EMS in 2020; Bert Holtslag had just taken over the office of EMS President and convinced the EMS Council to prioritize this project. He lead the process of developing a profile for a journal and exploring publishing options – together with Johannes Schmetz who aired the idea of an EMS Journal more than a decade ago. The final negotiations were then concluded by the EMS Bureau and the Editors-in-Chief, lead by the new President, Liz Bentley.

Johannes Schmetz, JEMS co-Editor-in-Chief, stated: “I am confident that JEMS becomes an attractive forum for overview papers, status papers and papers related to major European projects of broad interest across the meteorological and climate communities in Europe and overseas. I am delighted that I can help launching JEMS and look forward to support the shaping of the journal.


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  • Mohammed Sadeck Boulahya says:

    Very good news, good luck and long life for JEMS, and look forward for papers from Africa and for Africa,

    Highly thankful and appreciative for the statutory decision for JEMS to be from the start , the Open Access International Journal for Hydrology, Meteorology and Oceanography ( sciences and services )
    Mohammed Sadeck ClimDevAfrica

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