Interview with IMS member Anca Turcu

Anca Turcu, IMS member (photo private)
Anca Turcu, IMS member (photo private)

EMS LC: Is your job related to meteorology?

Yes, I work in the Climate & Observations division in Met Éireann, the Irish meteorological service.

EMS LC: What society are you a member of, and since when?

I have been a member of the IMS since 2014.

EMS LC: Why are you a member? What aspects of meteorology interests you most?

I have had an interest in meteorology since I was a child; my mother is a forestry engineer in Romania and she used to take me on site visits in the mountains. While I was there, I always had lots of questions, like “why does it always rain in the forest at lunchtime?” and “why is it not raining down in the village?” or “what causes all those storms that damage the trees?”

EMS LC: What is your favourite type of weather?

Storms. They are a fascinating manifestation of the forces of nature.

EMS LC: What is the extent of your involvement in your Met Society?

I am a general member of the society. I attend the lectures they organise and I have helped with the organisation of bigger events, like the “Future Weather, Future Challenges” symposium in December and “The Wind that Shakes the Island”, a windstorm event held in April.

EMS LC: What type of Met Society events do you like to attend? Have you ever attended an event remotely, via a webinar, Facebook Live, etc?

I have never attended an event remotely. I would like to attend one of the field trips they organise. This kind of event gives an insight into other aspects of meteorology, that we don’t see in the office. For example, I would have liked to attend the phenology trip to the JFK Memorial Park in Wexford.

EMS LC: What type of events would you like your organisation to host? Do you have any suggestions of new types of event to be run by your Met Society?

Workshops and hands-on activities. For example, I would like to attend a workshop on how to draw and interpret a weather chart. I find training can be expensive and I would like the Met Society to offer an affordable alternative for members. For example, the International Association of Hydrogeologists organised a one-day course on hydrology for hydrogeologists. I found it most useful and I would like to see more similar initiatives. In general, I am interested in the practical aspects of meteorology. I remember a lecture organised by IMS with a speaker from Irish Ferries. He explained how weather information is used to aid navigation.

EMS LC: What has been your favourite event to date that was carried out by your Met Society?

I really enjoyed the lecture given by a member of the Flood Forecasting Division of the UK Met Office. Also one about aviation meteorology given by Michelle Dillon. And the windstorm event organised in April that I already mentioned.

EMS LC: What advantages do you get from being a member of your Met Society?

I am kept informed and up-to-date with meteorological activities from outside my organisation

EMS LC: How are you kept informed of the activities of your Met Society?

By email and also on Facebook. I am part of the IMS Facebook group and I am always invited to events this way.

EMS LC: What could be done by the EMS to enhance its support for your Met Society and the European meteorological community in general?

I would suggest the same kind of activities as I would like to see organised by IMS; hands-on, practical activities that engage people, and training, 1-2 day training courses, that would ideally include some form of assessment and certification.

EMS LC: Thank you very much for the interview!



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