Associate Member Interview: Centro Epson Meteo – Meteo Operations Italia

Raffaele Salerno, Chief Science Officer of Epson Meteo
Raffaele Salerno, Chief Science Officer of Centro Epson Meteo – Meteo Operations Italia

Interview with Raffaele Salerno, Chief Science Officer of Centro Epson Meteo – Meteo Operations Italia by the EMS Liaison Committee (EMS LC)

EMS LC: How did you become involved in meteorology?
Raffaele: I became involved in meteorology more than 35 years ago, when I met some people from the Air Force Weather Service in Italy. At that time I was a physics student and was literally overwhelmed. After that I decided to work in this exciting discipline.

EMS LC: Where is Centro Epson Meteo – Meteo Operations Italia based and how many people work there?
Raffaele: We are based near Milan, Italy, and we employ 13 atmospheric physicists.

EMS LC: If you were to describe Centro Epson Meteo in one sentence, what would you say?
Raffaele: Science, Innovation, Research, Operations: these are our fundamental values since we were set up in 1995.

EMS LC: Which services or products do you provide?
Raffaele: We provide a wide range of services related to weather and climate, including operational services for the aviation industry, for which we are certified by the Italian Authority for Civil Aviation. Visit our web site for more information.

EMS LC: Where do you see the greatest challenges for the meteorological and climatological communities in Europe/worldwide?
Raffaele: The improvement of collaboration between private and public organisations involved in meteorology and climatology is an important issue because collaborations are not well established, especially in Italy. I think such collaborations would be beneficial for all of us.

EMS LC: You support the EMS through your Associate Membership: What do you expect from the EMS? And what role do you envisage for the EMS?
Raffaele: EMS could help to improve collaboration among members and between members and others European organisations.

EMS LC: What additional activities could be carried out by the EMS that would benefit the private sector?
Raffaele: EMS may help the private sector to change the politics regarding their data and its costs. This would result in the provision of better and more valuable services in collaboration with National Weather Services and Universities.

EMS LC: Do you collaborate with other EMS Members and how could collaboration be supported by the EMS?
Raffaele: I am the Vice President of AISAM (Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e Meteorologia), which is a member of EMS. However, opportunities to strengthen connections among EMS members should be improved. In my opinion, they are currently not very well established.

EMS LC: In what areas should the EMS develop its activities for the benefit of the meteorological community?
Raffaele: I think the EMS should facilitate important progress in networking with other members and public and private meteorological organisations to exchange experience and knowledge. This could be an opportunity for all of us.

EMS LC: Thank you very much for the interview!



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