IFMS Webinar: GWE Initiative of WBG & WMO

Message from the President of the International Forum of Meteorological Societies (IFMS) to announce the first IFMS Webinar:

IFMS is holding a Webinar as follows:

  • Subject: WBG’s and WMO’s GWE Initiative – Public, Private & Academic Collaboration for strengthening the Weather Enterprise
  • Date & Time: May 15, 2020 at 8:00 am EST (New York Time) to cover all time zones of the world.
  • All interested member societies and their members are invited to attend.
  • All attendees must register, using the following link:
    (those who have registered earlier through the GWE Webinar registration form do not need to register again). Participation information will be sent to all registered members. Since capacity (number of people who can join the Webinar) will be limited, you are advised to register as early as possible.


As you might know, both World Bank Group (WBG-GFDRR) and WMO are promoting future Global Weather Enterprise which is collaboration between Public, Private and Academic (PPA) sectors. As you might have seen from our IGM-06 Report (also available on WMO passed the Resolution related to PPA Collaboration in Cg18 in June 2019.

A summary of GWE (PPA Collaboration) will appear in our forthcoming Newsletter – NL05 in early May, see:

The article is written by our very well-known Council Member Dr. Jack Hayes who is heading the GWE Committee of IFMS as its Chair. He participates in all meetings of WBG and WMO and is very knowledgeable in this Initiative. He will be joined by Dr. Vladimir Tsirkunov – Lead specialist and the team leader of Hydromet Program of the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank Group. Dr. Tsirkunov is heading the GWE Initiative on behalf of GFDRR-WBG.

Since GWE (PPA Collaboration) is the modus operandi from now on, we wish to keep our members informed and assist them in understanding this fairly novel idea which is taking strong roots in the Global Weather Enterprise.

Both WMO and WBG hold meetings in various Conferences which can be attended by only those who can afford to travel to those meeting. For most people, the best way is through a series of Webinars, which is what IFMS is offering to WMO and WBG to educate all our member societies and even National Hydro Met Services (NHMS).

Harinder Ahluwalia
IFMS President


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