Gardening in a Changing Climate

A garden in the UK (Stock photo)
A garden in the UK (Stock photo)

In 2017, the Royal Horticultural Society launched the Gardening in a Changing Climate report which highlights how gardens are critical in helping society to adapt to climate change, but also to help mitigate any further change. For example, through the use of permeable surfaces to alleviate urban flooding or planting a diverse range of species to ensure a sufficient food source for pollinators. The report can be accessed by going to

The RMetS has organised three events about gardening in a changing climate. They provide a unique opportunity for people to hear from scientists and practitioners across different sectors about gardens and climate change. This involves learning from RMetS experts about how the climate is changing, before leading scientists explain why our gardening practices are so important. The sessions include practical advice for gardeners, given by professional horticulturalists and community groups specialising in gardening for a changing climate.

Two events have already taken place in Manchester and Bristol, and the last one will be in Birmingham on 3 October. More information about this event is available via the RMetS website.

By Fiona Hewer




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