Founding of the EMS

Two articles by René Morin and Jon Wieringa recording the history of the founding of the EMS have been published in Weather. Both articles appear under the title “Associating weather societies across Europe“. Thanks to the efforts of the Royal Meteorological Society, the publisher of Weather, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, has kindly allowed free access to each of the articles.

The articles describe how some societies of meteorologists from different European nations decided in 1997 to establish a European Meteorological Society (EMS) for dealing with matters which would be practical to handle on a European scale. This led to the foundation of the EMS as a society of meteorological societies in 1999 and to the establishment of a small secretariat to facilitate cooperation between national societies for matters such as conferences and accreditation.

The second article concludes with the following statement: “The existence of the EMS in its current form contributes to good cooperation in Europe on meteorological matters, with no struggle between supporters of European coalition and defenders of national sovereignty. This is beneficial to science, research and technology, and so to the countries of Europe and their citizens.”

The articles can be accessed via the following links.


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