Workshop: “Assessment of ensemble forecasts”

The registration is now open for the workshop “Assessment of ensemble forecasts” that will be hosted at Aussois CNRS center in France on 18-21 March, 2019. This four-day workshop will deal with the topic of validation of ensemble forecasting.

The goal is to mix around 30 researchers, statisticians, meteorologists, energy providers and other end-users  who have a common interest in probability forecasting, especially in the assessment of different forecasts.

During this workshop, our state of knowledge on ensemble forecast validation will be reviewed. The probability scoring tools for such assessments will be discussed. As stochastic models and methods are key to representing and controlling uncertainties, they will also receive particular attention in this context.

The non-exhaustive list of potential topics will be:

  • scoring rules theory,
  • forecasting methods,
  • extreme value theory,
  • decision theory.

The two main applications will be weather/climate forecast and energy consumption forecasts, but other applications are welcome. Registration, meals and lodging there will be covered but not the travel costs. Young researchers (master and phd students, postdocs) in statistics, IA, environmental sciences (e.g., climate, weather), energy, and/or risks analysis will be particularly welcome. To apply, a 1-page CV and an abstract (either for a poster or a talk) has to be sent to ameriska.anr@gmail.com.

The deadline for abstract submission is 10 February 2019.

The workshop is made possible with the help of DATAIA and EDF fundings.

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