Gregynog, Wales, UK

Workshop on Extremal Trends in Weather (WET Weather) 2019

What methods are best suited to study change to the most extreme rainfall events of the climate under non-linear climate change? Can we learn from extreme value theory applied to other disciplines such as finance? Participate in the first of two interdisciplinary Workshops on Extremal Trends in Weather (WET Weather) to discuss the suitability of data and methods for a better understanding of rare and hazardous events in a warming climate.

To facilitate discussion and build new partnerships between researchers in statistical and environmental science disciplines with an interest in quantifying characteristics of rare and hazardous events.

To introduce environmental researchers to a broader range of opportunities offered by current techniques in extreme value theory (EVT).

To demonstrate the challenges experienced by environmental researchers, particularly how climate change information comes in many
different formats, and how its production can hamper the ability to robustly and accurately estimate characteristics of future extreme events.

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