Potsdam, Germany

System-Risk Conference 2019

Theme: Flood risk: Interactions, temporal changes and system approaches.
In view of globally increasing flood losses, the assessment and management of flood risk is a substantial societal challenge and an important issue on the political agenda. Current approaches for assessing and managing flood risk ignore fundamental principles of flood risk system functioning. Interactions and feedbacks between atmosphere, catchments, river-floodplain systems, as well as socioeconomic processes are usually disregarded. System approaches are needed to address the solidarity principle anchored in the EU Floods Directive, which calls for consideration of the potential adverse consequences of risk management interventions for upstream and downstream regions.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together flood risk researchers and practitioners from research institutes, authorities, the insurance industry and consultancy. It provides an opportunity to share new insights and developments and offers a forum to discuss the uptake of these findings in risk management including the implementation process of the European Flood Directive.

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