International Open Workshop – Session: “Social resilience to climate changes”

The session entitled Social resilience to climate changes with perspectives on the past 5000
years is part of the International Open Workshop Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 15,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes VI.

The overall aim of this session is to understand different cases, manifestations, and changes of social resilience to climate impacts from pre-historic, historical and contemporary perspectives, from local to global perspectives, and from theoretical, empirical as well as quantitative modelling perspectives. Specifically, the session will discuss the following questions (but not limited to):

  • What are typical cases of social resilience to climate changes in past societies?
  • What are the key factors and features for a social system to be resilient in face of climate variation?
  • How was resilience performed in key societal sectors, e.g. agriculture, nomadism, livelihood, urbanization or population development?
  • How can social resilience to climate changes be quantified, evaluated, modeled or simulated?
  • What kind of changes and evolution of social resilience to climate changes could be observed?
  • What are the scope, thresholds, and tipping points of social resilience to climate changes?
  • What can we learn from the experience and lessons of the past resilient and/or “un-resilient” cases?
  • Are these learnings up-scalable to explanatory theories?
  • What could be the pathways, measures, strategies and priorities for building social resilience in present societies?

The abstract submission deadline has expired.

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