Online courses in Meteorology and Climate

The University of Reading is offering online classes in Meteorology and Climate in:

  • Tropical Meteorology (January to March 2023)
  • Climate Services and Climate Impact Modelling (January to February 2023)
  • Fundamentals of Meteorology (September to December 2023)
  • Statistics for Weather and Climate Science (September to December 2023)

These are suitable for professional meteorologists, consultants, STEM students, graduates, academics seeking to improve their range of skills and knowledge and keen amateurs. They provide CPD and learning outcomes relevant to the WMO instruction package for meteorologists.

Competitive scholarships for 80% of the fee are available for people from low income countries.
Contact onlinemetcourses@reading.ac.uk if you have any questions.

There are also a range of short, free, introductory courses

including a free, non-mathematical course on Data Assimilation