Reading, UK

LMS-IMA Joint Meeting: Mathematics of Planet Earth

On November 21st 2019 the University of Reading will host the Joint Meeting of the London Mathematical Society and of the Institute of Mathematics and Applications.

The theme of the LMS-IMA Joint Meeting is Mathematics of Planet Earth. Following the international programme MPE2013, the research agenda of Mathematics of Planet Earth has gained more and more relevance within Mathematics as well as at the interface(s) between Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and, obviously, Geosciences. But, indeed, related interdisciplinary exchanges have already a long of success in areas such as fractal geometry, chaos theory, stochastic and deterministic dynamical systems, partial differential equations, numerics, and extreme value theory, among others. The goal of this joint LMS-IMA meeting is to showcase some recent developments in pure and applied mathematics that contribute to a better understanding of the Planet Earth. The lectures are aimed at a general mathematical audience.

The conference has no fees but registration is mandatory. Deadline: November 8th 2019

The conference will take place at the Park House, Whiteknights Campus, University of Reading, Reading, UK.

Keynote Speakers

  • Peter Ashwin (University of Exeter)
  • Colin Cotter (Imperial College London)
  • Michael Ghil (UCLA and Ecole Normale Superieure)
  • Peter Imkeller (University of Berlin Von Humboldt)
  • Kathrin Padberg-Gehle (University of Luneburg)
  • Sandro Vaienti (CPT-Luminy and University of Toulon)
  • Beth Wingate (University of Exeter)


Any queries please contact the IMA Conferences Department
Email: conferences@ima.org.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1702 354 020

V. Lucarini (Reading), V. Styles (Sussex), M. Todd (St. Andrews), H. Wilson (UCL)

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