University of Leicester, UK

International Conference “Metastability and Tipping in Complex Systems”

On 3-5 September 2024 the University of Leicester will host the international conference “Metastability and Tipping in Complex Systems”. The event is partially supported by the London Mathematical Society.

Invited is submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations. The participation of graduate students and early career researchers is particularly encouraged.

Many complex systems are metastable: they possess states that are typically long-lived but between which the system may switch spontaneously, e.g. through noise-induced transitions between coexisting attracting states or due to transient phenomena. Identifying transient metastable states and anticipating critical transitions (tipping) has become a key research focus in applied mathematics, driven by the need for advanced techniques to meet today’s societal challenges.

The goal of this conference is to exchange recent results in mathematics and its applications around the theory of metastability for complex systems. Different definitions of metastability that account for its rich phenomenology will be explored. This includes the emergence of metastability from adding noise to dynamical systems exhibiting multistability (i.e. featuring multiple competing attractors), but also the view of long transient behaviour as a convincing mathematical description of metastable dynamics. A particular focus will be on advances that go beyond common assumptions which restrict our understanding of real phenomena, such as non-autonomous, non-equilibrium dynamics and non-Gaussian noise.

The hosts invite contributions on a wide range of topics from large deviation theory, exit problems, transition path theory, rare event sampling and numerical techniques to chaos theory, stochastic differential equations, stochastic processes and early-warning indicators. Fostering the interaction between pure mathematical research and applications, the hosts seek to connect areas like climate, ecology, power systems, biophysics, materials science and data science.

  • The abstract submission deadline has epired.
  • Early bird registration deadline: 9 July 2024
  • Registration deadline: 31 July 2024

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