Langen, Germany

ICON / COSMO-CLM / ART Numerical Model Training 2019

The aim of this training course is to familiarize new NWP users with ICON and new climate users with COSMO-CLM. This training course will provide theoretical lessons for an introduction to numerical weather prediction with ICON and regional climate modelling with COSMO-CLM.

Practical exercises give the opportunity to compile the programs, run the model and analyze the output of NWP and RCM runs. They are offered in parallel for two different groups:

  1. NWP research applications (with the ICON model system)
  2. Climate research applications (with the COSMO-CLM model system)

Additional optional courses are offered for:

  1. Aerosols and Reactive Trace gases extension (ICON-ART)
  2. How to install ICON (including necessary libraries)
  3. Accelerated Dycore of COSMO (for those who plan to run COSMO on a GPU system)

The deadline for registration has expired.

Further information

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