International Conference on “Climate Change, Responsibility and Liability”

The University of Graz invites all climate scientists with interdisciplinary interest in the legal aspects and implications of climate change and its consequences to this conference.

Experts from different continents deal with legal, physical scientific, economic and ethical questions raised by climate change, for example:

  • What are the scientific approaches on which successful climate claims such as for compensation of climate-related damages can be based?
  • Which principles of liability for current and historical GHG emissions result from both an international law and a normative-ethical point of view?
  • Who can file climate lawsuits against states and large emitters and which dogmatic-legal approaches have been or are likely to be successful?

Featured International Speakers:
Sergey Belov, Oliver Doerr, Michael Hanemann, Alexander Proelss, Oliver Ruppel, Jaap Spier, Roda Verheyen, Jorge Vinuales, Ke Zhou.

For the detailed programme please visit:

In case of interest please register under:

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