GWEF Webinar: A Vision for Numerical Weather Prediction in 2030

Logo of Global Weather Enterprise Forum: https://www.gweforum.org/The Global Weather Enterprise Forum (GWEF) will host its first webinar on 30 June at 13.00 GMT. This will include a presentation by Tim Palmer (Oxford University, UK) on ‘A Vision for Numerical Weather Prediction in 2030’. As well as sharing his vision of the way global ensemble forecast systems should develop and he will address the question: ‘How many global ensemble systems do we need worldwide?’.
The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

The GWEF webinar is free to attend and open to everybody.
Registration for the event is by sending a message to register@gweforum.org. A confirmation email will then be sent containing log-in information.

For more information about the GWEF go to https://www.gweforum.org/category/news/

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