Montagnana, Italy

(Geo)Science Communication School

The school is divided in 2 modules: 10-13 October addressed to scientists working in any field and 14-15 October specifically addressed to geoscientists.

Attending the school students will learn how to effectively convey important research results to a public of both experts and laypeople.

In detail, students will learn how

  • to write scientific papers,
  • to structure posters and talks for conference presentations,
  • to write proposals at international level,
  • to communicate science to general public, students, and policymakers,
  • to communicate through Art and Laboratories!,
  • to communicate through social networks and internet,
  • to communicate risks to the society,
  • to communicate to school children.

Being involved in science communication activities will allow the students to gain communication technical skills that will be useful in their wider lives and will remind the students that science is a heritage that needs to be shared as a part of our culture.

The school has the aim of offering overview and training of scientific communication skills in all its forms. It will treat communication not only with an “educative aim” but also with a “scientific aim”. The lecturers will therefore not only present an overview of science communication from a theoretical point of view, but also will offer practical activities on abstract/paper writing and poster editing, on proposal and report drafting, and on how to improve communication to policymakers. All the lectures will be accompanied by laboratories and students will experience concrete activities.