Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School (BUCSS) 2019

The Bucharest Urban Climate Summer School (BUCSS) 2019 aims to provide structured information and skill-building capabilities related to urban climate monitoring, modelling, ecology and bio-meteorology, and it is tailored towards hands-on experiences on:

  • Modelling tools used in urban meteorology and climatology
  • Urban ecology as an instrument for adaptation to climate change challenges in cities
  • Exploring critical linkages among environmental factors and emerging and chronic health threats and health disparities

The summer school is primarily intended for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who already have basic knowledge and interest for urban climate issues. Basic skills in climate studies, climate modelling, programming and statistics is required.

The summer school takes place from September 2-6, 2019, in Bucharest (Romania) and it is jointly organised by Research Institute of University of Bucharest (ICUB), Ghent University (Belgium), University of Bochum (Germany), Romanian Association for Applied Meteorology and Education (Romania).

One may apply to attend BUCSS 2019 by e-mailing to the address svmp@icub.unibuc.ro the following:

  • 2-page CV;
  • 1-page letter of motivation;
  • names, affiliation, e-mails and phone numbers of two professors or senior researchers who could provide references.

The deadline for submitting your application has expired.

More information and details can be found at <https://unibuc.ro/conferences/bucss2019/#About>.

For additional information please write to Sorin Cheval: sorincheval@yahoo.com

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