Bad Neuenahr, Germany

International Autumn School „New Refined Observations of Climate Change from Spaceborne Gravity Missions“

The school is organized by the Research Unit NEROGRAV (New Refined Observations of Climate Change from Spaceborne Gravity Missions) which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). It will educate a group of 35 Ph.D. students and junior scientists in state of the art GRACE and GRACE-FO satellite gravimetry data processing (e.g. spherical harmonic analysis, filtering/de-striping, global/regional analysis of grid data) and applications of mass transport data in Earth system sciences related with the global water cycle, the oceans, the cryosphere or the atmosphere.

The deadline for registration has expired.

Corona Situation

On July 22 the Research Group NEROGRAV will decide, depending on the Corona situation in Germany, if the autumn school can happen or needs to be postponed (likely to 2021). The applicants will be informed about the decision immediately. Till then, please assume that the autumn school will happen and apply!

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