Denver, USA

AMS Annual Meeting

As the American Meteorological Society enters its 2nd century, the theme for the 2020 AMS Annual Meeting is “The AMS Past, Present and Future: Linking Information to Knowledge to Society (LINKS).” LINKS applies to research, broadcast, WX service & other government services, industry applications, risk management, education, policy, communications and watch/warning responses, building links across technologies, links across research & applications, and more.

Program Priorities
Observational and modeling studies related to improving both our understanding of the fundamental processes that lead to extreme events and predictability are encouraged The impact of a changing climate on extreme events will be highlighted. There will be sessions that provide illustrative examples of successful convergent research from multiple disciplines and approaches to obtain funding for interdisciplinary work. Efforts to build resilience, improve communication, provide decision support for extreme events, and work closely with municipal city managers and emergency responders will be highlighted. International partnerships that address research and applications on extreme events and efforts to increase diversity in the weather enterprise, including training the next generation of scientists and engineers, are major thrusts under this theme.

The abstract submission deadline has expired.

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