Telegrafenberg, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

“Advancing MOSAiC Science” -MOSAiC Workshop

Potsdam, Germany

The aim of the workshop is to continue strengthening the links between MOSAiC science objectives and the specific plans for observing, modeling, and synthesis activities. The MOSAiC team invites participation from MOSAiC participants, partners, and stakeholders. The registration contains a short request about your involvement in MOSAiC to ensure that all participants are strongly linked with, and contributing to, core MOSAiC goals.

Please register here: http://mosaic-expedition.org/registration.html

Additionally, the registration offers to submit an abstract for a poster. The MOSAiC Team-Coordintors are responsible for the program of the individual breakout sessions. Please be aware that there is the possibility that your abstract will be selected for an oral presentation.

The participants need to pay a registration fee about 200 EUR to defer the high logistical cost of hosting the workshop. There are 2 options of payment, via bank transfer or in cash (no credit card possible) on-site in Potsdam at the registration desk.

Logistical information

Alfred Wegener Institute
Telegrafenberg Building H
14473 Potsdam


  • Mercure – walking distance to Potsdam main station and AWI
  • B&B – walking distance to Potsdam main station and AWI
  • NH-Hotel – in the city center of Potsdam
  • Arcona-Hotel – in the city center of Potsdam
  • Kongress-Hotel Potsdam – a little bit outside of the city center

However, be aware about the tight hotel situation. During spring time the hotels in Potsdam are very occupied and they were not willing to offer contingents for our workshop. Therefore, please book the hotels as soon as possible.

Another possibility is to stay in Berlin (best near the train stations: Berlin main station, Zoologischer Garten and Charlottenburg). Traveling from Berlin to Potsdam every day takes some time, but there are several trains going very regularly.

For further questions, please contact Dr Anja Sommerfeld:
Email: anja.sommerfeld@awi.de
Phone: +49 331 288-2160

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