Via Duca del Mare, 2, 73030 Castro LE, Italy

7th ISAC Summer School “Precipitation: remote sensing and modelling”

Castro Marina, Italy

The school will take place at Hotel Orsa Maggiore (http://www.orsamaggiore.it/) in Castro Marina, a very nice marine resort close to Lecce, in the south-eastern corner of Italy, from 18 to 22 June 2018.

The purpose of the Summer School is to provide an intensive and comprehensive review of the current knowledge of precipitation, considering in particular its remote sensing retrieval from ground based and satellite radar and radiometer systems. Also, the formation mechanisms and the structure of precipitating systems will be discussed. The school is primarily addressed to PhD, Master students in atmospheric sciences and post-doc researchers and operational forecasters from regional and national meteorological agencies.

Basing on CV, a maximum of 40 students will be admitted.

Few grants are available.

The application deadline has expired.

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