38th EMS Council Session

The 38th EMS Council Session will be hosted by the Swedish Meteorlogical Society (SMS) and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Service at the SHMI headquarters in Norrköping.

The following preliminary agenda is foreseen:
  1. Opening
  2. Acceptance of the Agenda and declaration of AOB
  3. Implementation of decisions and actions agreed at the 37th Session
  4. Report of the President on the activities of the Bureau
  5. Report of the Secretariat
  6. Report of the Treasurer (including review of budget 2018)
  7. Publications: “ASR” and “Atmosphere”
  8. Report of the Committee on Meetings
  9. Awards
  10. Liaison Committee
  11. Review of Project Teams
  12. Progress with strategy implementation
  13. Review of the EMS mandate and vision
  14. Accreditation
  15. Changes to Rules of Procedure for the General Assembly and Council
  16. Constitution/Rules of Procedure: Transition between presidencies
  17. EMS Membership
  18. Council composition term 2018 – 2019
  19. AOB
  20. Time and place of the 39th Council Session: 2 September 2018, Budapest

Documents prepared for agenda items will be distributed to EMS Members approximately three to four weeks before the Session; they are invited to comment on any issues in preparation of the meeting, so this can be taken into account by the Council.
Any comments need to be sent to the EMS Executive Secretary.

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