35th Online Course in Climate Time Series Analysis

This Online Course in Climate Time Series Analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of PhD students and postdocs, who wish to learn about an important combination of disciplines (climate change and time series analysis), but have had so far not much exposure to in-depth statistical teaching. It will also attract professional researchers, who wish to update their knowledge or to learn new statistical techniques.

Participants come from somewhere in the range of climatology, ecology, econometrics, environmental sciences, geosciences, hydrology, meteorology, or physics.

This online format has emerged in response partly to the Covid-19 situation (which started in 2020), but also to the general upward trend in need of electronic high-level quality education.

What distinguishes this from other online courses?
First, the course provides videos that have been designed, recorded and edited with care. You can go repeatedly through the videos and make breaks as you need. You also receive and can study again the delivered course slides. Second, a daily chat meeting via a video platform over the full course duration allows you to prepare questions beforehand and get extensive response. Third, the individual feedback period of two months post-course (via email and, possibly, online meeting) preserves the interactive mode of joint data analysis, it allows to go in depth through real applications (perhaps on your own data), and it should keep the “open session” discursive atmosphere.

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