Tromsø, Norway

24th International TOVS Study Conferences (ITSC)

The 24th International TOVS Study Conference will be hosted by Met Norway from 16 to 22 March 2023 in Tromsø, Norway. It will cover a wide range of topics concerning atmospheric sounding, its applications, and related issues. Key issues for this meeting may include:

  • Evaluation of sounder data from FY-3E and FY-4B;
  • Preparation for assimilation and exploitation of data from MTG-IRS and IASI-NG;
  • Updates on exploitation of current operational sounders including ATOVS, ATMS, SSMIS, AIRS, IASI, CrIS;
  • Preparation for retirement of NOAA-18/19, Metop-B/C, and Aqua satellites;
  • Assimilation of microwave and infrared sounder data over polar regions;
  • All-sky assimilation of microwave and infrared sounder data;
  • Retrieval of temperature and moisture profiles from microwave and infrared sounding data;
  • Climate Data Records derived from infrared and microwave sounder data;
  • Direct readout software for Metop, Metop-SG, FY3, and JPSS sounders;
  • Low-latency sounder data from DBNet;
  • Radiative transfer model development and validation;
  • Studies and results for future infrared and microwave sounders;
  • Updates on Satellite Programs and International Coordination (WMO, CGMS).

Important deadlines:

  • The abstract submission deadline has expired.
  • Early bird registration deadline: 15 January 2023

Find more information on the website of ITSC-24