Enthusiastic new board of the Spanish AME

The new board of the Spanish Meteorological Association (AME), which was appointed in the spring of last year, has started its mandate with enthusiasm. Outreach activities have been particularly enhanced and the dissemination of news and issues of meteorological interest through the web page www.ame-web.org and twitter has increased significantly. Some of the items in the blog, which is updated daily, have received more than 1000 consultations and the total number of visits in December was over 20 000 with visitors not only from Spain but from other 49 countries worldwide. There are 3000 followers on twitter.

AME is making an effort to maintain the publication of its quarterly magazine “Tiempo y Clima” both in the electronic and paper issues. Also there is a project in the making aimed at producing a scientific journal in collaboration with the Portuguese and Latin American meteorological associations.

Each year a scientific conference is organized together with the Portuguese Meteorological and Geophysical Association (APMG). It is held in either Spain or Portugal and usually in early spring. This year, for the first time, it will be held in the autumn at Granada from 9 to 11 November 2020. It is believed that the shifting from the traditional dates in early spring will increase the participation. All the information about the conference will be disseminated through the AME web page. Papers can be presented in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and all colleagues from the EMS societies are very welcome to participate.

AME is very proud to have organized once more, jointly with the EMS, the photography competition Europhotometeo 2020 (EPM2020) and is excited about the publication of the results very soon. Last, but not least, we are looking forward to having a close collaboration with EMS and the Catalan Meteorological Society (ACAM) in helping organize the EMS Annual Meeting to be held in Barcelona in September 2021.

Delfina Gil,
AME president


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