EMS2023 session proposals (now closed)

The EMS Annual Meeting 2023  will be held as a hybrid event at the University of Economics in Bratislava & online from 4 to 8 September 2023.

Europe and droughts: Hydrometeorological processes, forecasting and preparedness

A particular focus of the 2023 Annual Meeting, reflecting the interests and activities of the host institutions in Slovakia, will be on droughts and drought-related challenges:
Multiple mechanisms trigger droughts: shortfall of precipitation, soil moisture deficits, or reduced moisture supply from snowmelt. Consequently, a holistic and multidisciplinary approach is needed to understand and predict droughts and to develop preparedness, adaptation, and mitigation strategies. In addition, many rivers and river catchments cross country borders, which calls for transboundary cooperation and action. [Read more]

Call for sessions

We invite the community to suggest new sessions and topics for the programme.  As we intend to address drought-related challenges from several angles, session convenors are welcome to consider addressing specific aspects of this additional focus if it is relevant to the scope of their session; however, this is no requirement.

The deadline for submitting of session proposals is 15 January 2023.


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