EMS2021 programme online

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The conference will start with an Opening Day on Friday 3 September with Strategic Lectures related to the Sustainable Development Goals and the contributions of the weather, water and climate communities to achieving these goals. There will also be the future of science café, a networking event by and for early-career scientists, highlights about achievements and awards, and network icebreakers:

Session Programme 6 to 10 September 2021

Some 40 sessions are scheduled from 6 to 10 September 2021, running in four parallel streams:

Information about our eminent speakers is available at https://www.emetsoc.org/ems2021-plenary-speakers/

-> Session programme by day and time

The week will also see a number of highlight talks, the Harry Otten Prize presentations and winner selection, a discussion of women in the global weather enterprise and opportunities to “run into colleagues” at a networking platform during breaks, at the end of each day and possibly inbetween.

We will also honour the late Sergej Zilitinkevich, the person and his immensely fruitful work, in a session with former colleagues and friends.

A number of workshops and short courses planned are also in preparation, along with several other events.


Registration will open early July and will provide options for institutional as well as Personal invoices:


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