EMS Media Awards: nominations until 20 May 2021

Exchange on how to improve communication of meteorological and climatological information between developers, users, stake holders and decision makers, and to the general public has been one of the central objectives of the EMS since its foundation in 1999. The EMS Media Awards were established to highlight outstanding achievements and examples of good practice.

The programme of the Media Awards consists of the following four Awards:

  • EMS Media Weather Forecast Award (formerly TV Weather Forecast Award)
  • EMS Outreach & Communication Award
  • EMS Journalistic Award (biennial)
  • EMS Broadcast Meteorologist Award (biennial)

The TV Weather Forecast Award was recently renamed as Media Weather Forecast Award and the terms for the awarded revised in order to open it for the wider community of  digital media weather presenters.

In 2021, the following awards are announced: The Media Weather Forecast Award, the Outreach & Communication Award and the Journalistic Award.

Submission deadline for all awards is 20 May 2021. Details on nomination/application procedures are provided at the links above.

EMS Media Awards tropies of the awardees 2019, presented in Copenhagen (credit: EMS)
EMS Media Awards tropies of the awardees 2019, presented in Copenhagen (credit: EMS)


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