ECMWF: Scientist – EPiGRAM-HS Project

Shinfield Park, Reading, UK
Closing date: 04 September 2018

In 2014, ECMWF embarked on a ten-year research programme on HPC Scalability. This programme is funded partly by ECMWF’s Member States and aims to achieve exascale numerical weather prediction capability by 2025.

As part of the Scalability Programme1, ECMWF is engaged in partnerships with its Member State organisations, HPC centres and vendors to prepare for the exascale challenge, in terms of both computing and data handling. The EPiGRAM HS project is funded by the European Commission
under its FETHPC programme. EPiGRAM HS aims to develop and demonstrate programming models adapted to future exascale heterogeneous systems.

For this project, ECMWF is opening a post to investigate implementation of modern parallel programming paradigms in the ECMWF weather forecasting model. In particular, the use of GASPI and of task-based parallelism will be studied.

Main duties and key responsibilities

The successful candidate will perform scientific and technical research and development in the following areas, and will document work according to the requirements of the EPiGRAM HS project:

  • Performing a clean insertion of GPI-2 communication procedures into selected ESCAPE dwarves2 and analysing performance implications of the implementation.
  • Investigating the use of task-based parallelism in selected ESCAPE dwarves, with the goal of showcasing paths towards increased scalability.
  • Implementing lessons learnt from GPI-23 and task-based parallelism in the IFS, and benchmarking performance results.
  • Contributing to scientific and technical development of IFS releases and evaluation.

Other information
The successful candidate will be recruited at the A2 grade, according to the scales of the Co-ordinated Organisations and the annual basic salary will be £58,238.40 net of tax. This position is assigned to the employment category STF-PL as defined in the Staff Regulations.

Full details of salary scales and allowance are available on the ECMWF website at including the Centre’s Staff Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Starting date: As soon as possible.

Length of contract: To 31 August 2021.

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