ECMWF: Production Analyst – environmental applications forecasts

Shinfield Park, Reading, UK
Closing date: 26 April 2018

Recognising that floods and fire are among the costliest natural disasters in Europe, the European Commission at its Joint Research Centre (JRC) instigated the development of the early warning systems for both fire and flood. The first system developed and part of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) since 2011 is the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS), operational since 2012, and its global counterpart, the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) expected to become operational early spring 2018. Recently, the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) has also emerged, expected to become operational in summer 2018. ECMWF is the computation centre for both the flood and fire Copernicus Emergency Management Service, acting at the heart of model calculations and modelling products generation for flood and fire forecast.

Main duties and key responsibilities

  • Contributing to the development of operational systems for environmental forecast applications, taking into consideration user requirements and operational constraints
  • Ensuring all developments are compatible with operations and have appropriate levels of optimisation and reliability
  • Monitoring the progress and performance of the suites and solving problems as they arise, using operational tools, procedures and internal expertise; this can include on-call support out of office hours
  • Supporting the team in other tasks related to the operational production systems
  • Contributing to documentation and training of users of the test and production suites for the environmental forecast applications

Grade remuneration
The successful candidate will be recruited at the A2 grade, according to the scales of the Co-ordinated Organisations and the annual basic salary will be £58,238.40 net of tax. This position is assigned to the employment category STF-PL as defined in the Staff Regulations.

Full details of salary scales and allowances are available on the ECMWF website at, including the Centre’s Staff Regulations regarding the terms and conditions of employment.

Starting date: As soon as possible.
Length of contract: Three years.