Sven-Erik Gryning new president of the Danish Meteorological Society

DaMS President: Sven-Erik Gryning

The Danish Meteorological Society (DaMS) has elected Sven-Erik Gryning as the society’s new president. He takes over from Eigel Kass who lead the DaMS for five years.

Sven-Erik Gryning has a background in air pollution modelling and more recently in renewable energy with emphasis on wind energy. His scientific background is in experimental meteorology, and he has participated in many international and national meteorological campaigns. He is currently convener for the session on Energy Meteorology at the EMS Annual Meetings. He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark and DSc from Copenhagen University.


The Danish Meteorological Society differs from other meteorological societies as it includes both people interested in weather and climate without a formal meteorological background and professional meteorologists – this provides an excellent background for dissemination of weather and climate information and knowledge to a wide range of interested people. The association is also special in the sense that it is among the largest meteorological associations in Europe – and clearly the largest in relation to the population. This is because the association is aimed at anyone interested in weather and climate – not just professional meteorologists as in many other countries in Europe.


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