ems-message May 2020

The EMS has cancelled EMS2020 due to COVID-19

In view of all uncertainties concerning the spread of COVID-19, travelling limitations, social distancing, etc., the EMS Council has decided to cancel the EMS Annual Meeting due to convene on 7-11 September 2020 in Bratislava. There will be no online conference either.[more]

Interview of the month: Kerstin Vejdemo

The new president of the Swedish Meteorological Society says the SMS aims to be a network and a place for people interested in meteorology to share knowledge and also socialize. SMS, founded in 1959, has a quarterly journal, Polarfront, and arranges five to eight open meetings or seminars every year.[more]

Young Scientist Awardee: Velle Toll, Estonia

Velle Toll, University of Tartu, Estonia, is the EMS Young Scientist Awardee 2020. He receives the award for his work that significantly improved the understanding of the anthropogenic air pollution particles, clouds and climate.[more]

150 years Hungarian Meteorological Service

The Hungarian Meteorological Service dedicates all year 2020 to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of its foundation. The jubilee year is marked by several important events: issue of a national stamp and coin, press and science conferences, and dedicated publications.[more]

IFMS Webinar: GWE Initiative of WBG & WMO

The IFMS is hosting a webinar, as first of a planned series, on 15 May 2020 at 8:00 am EST (New York Time). The topic of the first webinar will cover the Global Weather Enterprise Initiative (GWE). Registration is required and the number of participants is limited. Find more details ….[more]

ESSL updates April 2020

ESSL Director’s Address Regarding ESSL activities and the Corona virus outbreak: adapting to the new situation, ESSL has postponed a course on Forecasting Convective Storms for Aviation until the autumn; the Convective Storm Dynamics course was held remotely and The ESSL Testbed will continue in online form.[more]

AME Fotoinverno and Meteovideo 2020

Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME) runs a biennial meteo video competition. The winner of Meteovideo’2020 is El cielo afortunaddo, compiled using some spectacular time lapse videos taken on Tenerife Island, Spain, by Roberto Porto Mata.
AME also published the results of its photo competition, “Fotoinvierno’2020[more]