Distributed real-time Environmental Measuring System

The BOBER – Distributed “real-time” Environmental Measuring System, developed under the guidance of Bojan ?ernac, is recognised for an innovative concept of automatic stations implemented as a state of the art measuring system.

This open-source Linux based distributed “real-time” Environmental Measuring System enables a higher degree of maintenance, flexibility, portability, modularity and diagnostics. BOBER will have an impact for many years to come. Key features of the new network are distributed “real-time” data acquisition over various channels, interval data processing, local archiving, customisable data reporting and data dissemination, visualisation and alert services, full control of the network, remote software validation, optimization and upgrading, modular large-scale sensors integration, provided measurement traceability with meta data support, traceable software and documentation management, remote installation and removal of software and supported low power design.

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